Jenny Hval "Sabbath" (video)

Jenny Hval 'Sabbath' (video)
The lyrics of Jenny Hval's "Sabbath" reflect on the memory of a surreal dream, and this otherworldly tone is reinforced with the track's new video.

In the clip, we see a string of seemingly nonsensical scenes including foot-kissing, icky up-close egg eating, and lots of slow-motion headbanging. It was made by Hval and her collaborators Håvard Volden, Annie Bielski and Zia Anger, and it was filmed with an iPhone during a European tour. An announcement from Anger advisers viewers that it is "best viewed on a cracked screen."

Take that under advisement and check out the clip for "Sabbath" below.

The song comes from Hval's recent album Apocalypse, girl.