Hollerado "Born Yesterday" (video)

Hollerado "Born Yesterday" (video)
Having released their new single "Born Yesterday" at the top of last month, Hollerado have now treated the song to a wild music video.

Opening with frontman Menno Versteeg stepping into the band's jam space off the street, the clip sees the room go through a series of transformations, taking all the members along for the ride through space, the Garden of Eden and even an opium den.

Versteeg had this to say about the clip:

The four of us have never had as much fun playing music together than we've been having since we made this record. Lately we've felt as if we are a bunch of seventeen year olds jamming together in a garage for the first time.

The song "Born Yesterday" tries to capture the excitement we've been feeling and we wanted to make a video that reflected that. We asked ourselves, "What weird places have we always wanted to play music in?"

And so, over the course of two weeks, with the help of our friends, we transformed our jamspace into seven different imaginary places including the bridge of a tinfoil spaceship, a 1920's opium den with pet goats, and hell (for a lactose intolerant man).

Watch the video for "Born Yesterday" in the player below.

As previously reported, Hollerado have a series of upcoming Canadian dates, and you can see all those here.