Glasser Details 'Shape' LP

Glasser Details 'Shape' LP
Last week, Glasser (a.k.a. Cameron Mesirow) shared her wobbly electro-pop single "Shape," and now she's announced that an LP of the same name will hit North American stores October 8 via True Panther Sounds and a day earlier overseas.

A press release for the set explains that the recording, which follows Glasser's 2010 debut Ring, comes in the wake of a move from L.A. to New York City and is partly inspired by "bouts of mild agoraphobia coupled with the end of a long-term relationship." Mesirow had previously hinted that the time period in which Shape was created had her thinking about "architecture, a physical imposition in my life, and the fluid emotional boundaries of relationships."

Mesirow worked on the set with producer Van Rivers (Blonde Redhead, Fever Ray, Matthew Dear), and the album balances organic elements (strings, reeds and drums) with pre-programmed beats. Like on Ring, Mesirow also uses her own vocals unconventionally, whether as percussion or as a pitch-shifted melody line. A trio of tracks called "Window" are apparently the most experimental portions of the LP.

On top of the previously premiered "Shape," clips from the rest of the album are floating around on Instagram today (August 27) on various accounts. Just do a search for "#Glasserinteriors," and you'll find the goods. You can see the tracklist down below and the cover art above.


1. Shape

2. Design

3. Landscape

4. Forge

5. Window I

6. Keam Theme

7. Exposure

8. Dissect

9. Window III

10. Window II

11. New Year

12. Divide