Death Grips Reveal 'Twilight' Star Robert Pattinson Played Guitar on 'Government Plates'

Death Grips Reveal 'Twilight' Star Robert Pattinson Played Guitar on 'Government Plates'
Of the many releases cluttering shelves with yesterday's Record Store Day Black Friday event was the physical release of Death Grips' 2013 LP Government Plates. The album's liner notes revealed a very special collaborator in one teen heartthrob and Twilight star, Robert Pattinson.

As a Reddit user pointed out [via Pitchfork], the album lists Death Grips members Stefan Burnett, Zach Hill and Andy Morin, adding that Rob Pattinson played guitar on the song "Birds."

While Death Grips are known to pull weird stunts, this one's likely true. After all, they were photographed with Pattinson in early 2013 (alongside Beyoncé — see above). Pitchfork reports that the band have confirmed the actor's appearance on the record, explaining that Zach Hill recorded Pattinson's guitar into his iPhone and used that material for samples on the track.

Robert Pattinson's performance on "Birds" can be streamed below. Now if we could only hear some music by Death Grips and Beyoncé.

This isn't the first time Robert Pattinson has been connected with the world of experimental music. He's currently said to be dating FKA twigs, a fact that did not sit well with diehard (read: crazy) Twilight fans, who tweeted racial epithets at the performer earlier this year.