Crystal Method Divided By Night

By listening to the first minute of the new album, it's pretty obvious that Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland have spent the last year well, learning how to use their state-of-the-art recording studio whose construction started in 2004 right after Legion of Boomwas released. Finely crafting some very respectable tracks by weaving flawless digital riffs with eclectic, sometimes hauntingly strange noises, this album is already looking very promising. The thing with the Crystal Method is that they're both unusual yet inclusive, similar to how Aphex Twin could be if Richard D. James just eased off the psychotic tendencies for a while. Singer Emily Haines from Metric fronts her vocal talents in "Come Back Clean," yet another song referencing a drug lifestyle that the band frequently alludes to. Ultimately, the album shows off the duo's talent of making strange electronic music that somehow is commercially accessible at the same time. (Tiny e Records)