Bloodbath Unblessing the Purity

Fans of the legendary Swedish buzz saw guitar sound can rejoice in this EP from old school revivalists Bloodbath. There have been some line-up changes but man, it’s all a blur. Some longhair from a legendary Swede death band is out, some other longhair who used to be in Bloodbath and also plays in a legendary Swede death band is back in, etc. Who cares, really? There are four songs of perfect mid-to-fast death metal here, with just enough melody and great riffs to keep things lively. But hold up, something is amiss and it’s the insane catchiness that this band usually delivers. While these tunes shred, they lack the memorable touch the band nailed down so well on their last full-length. Still, for a stopgap EP it does the trick and brings the brutality nicely. Hopefully next time around the songwriting will be a bit catchier, making the Bloodbath complete again. (Peaceville)