Bat for Lashes Talks Next Album, Hints at Another Beck Collaboration

Bat for Lashes Talks Next Album, Hints at Another Beck Collaboration
With her Bat for Lashes project, Natasha Khan has made a name for her eclectic sound, bizarre fashion sense and love of film. That's why we weren't the least bit surprised when we found out she'd be collaborating with Beck on a track for the upcoming Twilight movie Eclipse. The track they came up with is called "Let's Get Lost," and Khan said it might not be the last time she and Beck work together.

"It turned out great, and I'm really proud of it," Khan said of "Let's Get Lost" in a recent interview with Billboard. "So I'm just branching out, trying to be inspired by different things and collaborate a bit and just nourish the artist."

When asked if she would consider getting Beck to work on her next album, she replied, "Yes, possibly. He's got great creative ideas."

 A full-on Beck collaboration did wonders for Charlotte Gainsbourg on her recent IRM album, but Khan is already sitting on songs without any help from the unpredictable songwriter.

"I've got a bunch of songs, it's not early days in terms of I've got enough where I could make an album," she said. "But actually I want to take more time with this one because I've been on tour for so long and I think it's boring to write songs about being on tour."

 Bat for Lashes released Two Suns in 2009. The Twilight: Eclipse soundtrack is due in stores on June 8 and also features music from Vampire Weekend, UNKLE, Band of Horses, Metric and many others.