Bat For Lashes Planning Movie Based On First Album

Bat For Lashes Planning Movie Based On First Album
If Bat for Lashes' Natasha Khan is anything, she's ambitious. Not only is the eccentric Brit about to release a concept album based upon "the "philosophy of the self and duality," but now she's leaked word of plans to make a musical fantasy film based on her debut album, Fur & Gold.

Speaking to Gigwise, Khan revealed the yet-untitled film project is already underway in Los Angeles and that scriptwriters have come with an "amazing story" that is "a bit like The Neverending Story."

"They're writing the script and I think they've got the go ahead of using the music but now they just have to get the funding," Khan said. "I think there's kind of a plan to make this beautiful musical, which takes the narrative from the chronological order of songs from Fur & Gold.

"If it happens it'll be amazing but we don't know yet if we can afford it. It's always money I suppose, but who knows, it's in the pipeline."

Khan did not mention if the filmmakers would have the budget to cast Falkor in the upcoming film.

As previously reported, Bat for Lashes are set to release their upcoming Two Suns LP, which appears to have been pushed back to an April 21 release date in Canada. Also, the band have a single Canadian date lined up for Toronto on April 25.