Animal Collective "Lying in the Grass"

Animal Collective 'Lying in the Grass'
While, no doubt, some of you tech-minded Animal Collective followers have been enjoying the sounds of the band's "Lying in the Grass" single via their collaborative art app, the jumpy new track is now streaming for the rest of us less-right-brained fans. You can hear the twitchy, playful track through streaming services now.

The song, which appears on Animal Collective's forthcoming Painting With LP, is full of touchstones for the group, from gripping, glitched-out rhythms and gurgling electronic arrangements to the harmonious back-and-forth pitter-patter between Panda Bear and Avey Tare.

There are plenty of evocative scenes being painted with this one, and you can check it all out down below.

As previously reported, the band's "Painting With" app is on-sale now, while their album of the same name officially hits your canvas February 19 via Domino.