The Airplane Boys Reveal Plans for New EP Series

The Airplane Boys Reveal Plans for New EP Series
They might just have released their latest mixtape, Brave New World, back in February, but the Airplane Boys are already looking forward to putting out more material. As MCs Beck Motley and Bon Voyage tell Exclaim!, they plan to release up to three EPs this year.

"We're still crafting the sounds," says Motley, "but we're going to be putting out mini EPs from our collective, hopefully before the summer. We're excited to build further and put out our sound. These ones are records we had ideas floating around [for] and now we're going to put it into small projects and release every three months."

They're also planning a European tour, looking to book gigs in France, England, Russia and Poland, especially after working with artists, such as Beau Monde producer KMS, who they met on the road.

"We've met people in our travels to Coachella and stuff," explains Motley. "We'd like to see more legs on that [collaboration] before we put it out, but there are frameworks being put together for records with certain artists that people are very familiar with today."

Since coming home from tour and dropping Brave New World, the Airplane Boys have treated Toronto fans to some rocking shows, like a recent one at Soho House on Adelaide Street. Motley and Bon Voyage snapped and drawled their way through rare Stanley Kubrick references and 808s & Heartbreak-influenced melodies, performing jams from mixtapes Where've You Been, Alignment and Brave New World.

Keeping things close to home, they enlisted their Grade 8 music teacher, Mr. Lambert, and a group of jazz musicians from York University to jam out to KMS's EDM-inspired bangers onstage.

"It's always been the goal from day one to build a relationship with the people, let them know who we are as a collective. We want to build a culture, not just a movement," says Motley. "That can be accomplished by pumping out more content at a faster rate, more visuals, doing more shows, seizing more opportunities. I think we're going to be more active online."

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