Netflix Edits ​Suicide Scene Out of '13 Reasons Why'

Netflix Edits ​Suicide Scene Out of '13 Reasons Why'
After much criticism, 13 Reasons Why is editing a scene out of the Season 1 finale that graphically depicts suicide.
The scene in question sees protagonist Hannah Baker taking her own life by slitting her wrists in a bathtub. It caused uproar upon release, and now Netflix has followed advice from medical experts warning that the scene could be harmful to young viewers.
After the initial backlash, Netflix added trigger warnings, additional ratings and access to support resources.
Now, the streaming service has removed the controversial scene, on the advice of medical experts including the Chief Medical Officer at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
A recent study found that there was an increase in youth suicide following the release of Season 1, though a direct link between the TV show and the suicide rate was not proven and other factors could not be ruled out.
Around the time the show premiered, meanwhile, Australian mental health organizations claimed that there was a spike in calls to suicide hotlines.
Some have praised 13 Reasons Why for opening up discussions about suicide and mental health, while other claim it wrongly glamourizes suicide and discourages vulnerable individuals from seeking help.
Depiction of suicide isn't the only reason 13 Reasons Why has come under fire. During its second season, parents petitioned Netflix to cancel the show because of a graphic rape scene.
Despite all the controversy, 13 Reasons Why returns for its third season later this year on Netflix.